Biography and Studio Information

I'm a watercolour artist based in Ilkley, Yorkshire. My journey in art began with my studies in Fine Art at Batley College of Art and Design, but much of what I've learned has come from my own experimentation and continuous practice. I'm fortunate to have a studio at home with a view that extends to our garden and the captivating moors beyond, which I share with my pet birds, and occasionally, my son.

My artistic creations span a wide range, from landscapes to animals, birds, plants, and occasionally, abstract pieces. The landscapes and wildlife of Ilkley serve as an endless source of inspiration for artists like me. When it comes to my abstract work, I often explore the concept of how nature, on the surface, may appear random, yet beneath lies a foundation of structure, mathematics, and science. In these abstract pieces, you'll discover elements like oceans, crystals, geometric patterns, structure, fluid watercolour strokes, and meticulously controlled lines. I hold a deep affection for the colour blue, from the deep shades of ocean and sky to the unique blue hues found at the base of open mines when water collects.

However, I also have a profound love for the colour green and old greenhouses full of overgrown plants, which frequently influences my artistic vision.

My preferred mediums are watercolours and inks, with occasional forays into acrylics. I'm meticulous about the materials I use and the surfaces on which I paint, ensuring that my work remains lightfast and enduring for a lifetime.

I'm a proud member of Ilkley Arts, often contributing to exhibitions at the Ilkley Arts Studio. I also help arrange the Ilkley Arts yearly popup, adding to the vibrancy of our local art scene. Recently, I had the privilege of giving a talk at the Manor House about AI Art and Ethics, delving into the complex interplay between technology and creativity. Additionally, I assist with managing social media for Ilkley Arts, helping to promote our events and engage with the community.

As a trustee of Ilkley Arts Charity, I am deeply committed to promoting the arts within our community. Beyond my artistic pursuits, I cherish my small family, maintain a day job, and share my space with five feathery companions.

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